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Our Goal

Rumble and Roar is a fun, family-friendly fundraising event supporting the private citizen sponsorship of refugees to Canada. It’s organized by Alex’s mother Carole Ito, and her sister Johnna Ross.

Rumble and Roar first launched in September 2015 – one year after we lost Alex. For five years, our event supported WE Charity because Alex had worked there and we had so many friends and connections with the organization. We did some great things. We bought an operating table for the new surgery room at Baracka Hospital in Kenya. We created an ongoing bursary in Alex’s name. We supported a program in Moose Jaw, Ontario for indigenous youth there. But after 5 years, it was time to move our event on to other purposes. 

Because Carole has become so deeply involved in the private citizen sponsorship of refugees to Canada, it makes sense for Rumble and Roar to back this cause. Canada is the only country in the world that has a program where private citizens can band together and decide to support an individual or family to come to Canada.  And never before in history have there been so many displaced people around the globe. Persecution for religion, sexual orientation or gender equality. War or genocide. There are so many reasons why good people are stateless, exiled and living without the rights and freedoms we take for granted in Canada – often for many years. We can’t think of a better reason to bring our beautiful community together … play some silly games … and raise money for this cause.

Every cent you donate will go to the person being sponsored to support them in their first year of settlement in Canada. 

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